Thank you Mrs. Loretta Smith, Mr. Ron Wyden, Mrs. Amber Kern-Johnson and your great team so much for the Senior Pancake Breakfast Invitation.  Your generous sponsorship and support are very much appreciated by Vietnamese Seniors and Community of Oregon.

Very Best Regards.



This new memorial will honor 59 Clark County military service members who were killed in Vietnam. Brass plaques with these war heroes’ names have been mounted on stone monuments under the Huey helicopter. All Vietnam-era veterans will be recognized and honored at the event with a 50th Anniversary commemorative pin.

“Thanks to all the volunteers in our community who have made this memorial a reality.  A character of a community is judged by how it remembers those who sacrifice for their country,” said CMAC co-chair, Larry J. Smith, Army colonel and Vietnam combat veteran…….Read more and photos


Hosted at the Midland Library, Saturday 17 August 2016 from 2pm -5pm

Today the VNCO held a ceremony at the Midland Library to introduce the new board serving the 2016 – 2018 term. Among the 75 community members in attendance were community elders, our youngest members under 5 years old and 10 members of the Vietnamese Community of Clark County who expressed enthusiastic support of the new board.

Members of the new board reflect diversity in three key areas: 1) focus on a  range of issues that impact our community, 2) age, 3) experience and expertise. …………READ MORE >>…………Video>>               in Vietnamese>>