The Vietnamese Yellow Flag

The Vietnamese Community of Oregon is proud to introduce hereafter the Yellow Flag with Three Red Stripes (or in short The Yellow Flag), the flag that was once the national emblem of the Republic of Vietnam and has become the Vietnamese Heritage and Freedom Flag for Vietnamese people abroad.
1) Description of the flag
The flag is described as having a yellow background , the height of which is equal to 2/3 of its width; in the middle of the flag, there are 3 horizontal red stripes, each stripe has a height equal to 1/15 of the flag’s width; the 3 stripes are separated from one another by a space equal to the stripe’s height. The 3 red stripes are explained as symbolizing the unifying blood running through northern, central and southern Vietnam.
2) What does the Yellow Flag means to Vietnamese Americans?
As a tradition, Vietnamese people are attached to their homeland and would never abandon it, except in case of force majeure. But since the North Vietnamese communists violated the 1972 Paris Peace Agreement to invade the Republic of Vietnam on April 30, 1975, over a million of people left behind all their properties to go abroad with empty hands. One should ask: “What is the main reason of that migration?” The answer is:“It’s the fear of the communist ruling”.
In fact, laborious, gentle, devoted to religion and quiet by nature, Vietnamese people never accept communist dictatorship, as it would deprive them of all human rights and freedom, and would be ready to extinguish any contrast opinion by all means available, including the most violent ones. That accounts for why Vietnamese people preferred to abandon all their properties to go abroad rather than living in plenty under communist ruling. The only thing Vietnamese people kept with them while migrating is the aspiration for freedom, the symbol of which is the Yellow Flag that used to represent their fatherland, the Republic of Vietnam. Although the Republic of Vietnam was erased from the global map, Vietnamese communities abroad would like to keep forever in their mind the image of the yellow flag,the honorable symbol of their homeland.. For Vietnamese people abroad, the yellow flag has become the Vietnamese Heritage and Freedom Flag.
As for the red flag with a yellow star in the center that the current Vietnamese government claims to be the Vietnamese national flag, never would the free Vietnamese community accept it; it is considered simply as a flag of the communist party, an offensive symbol against the community, instead.
Another point worth mentioning is that the Yellow Flag has been recognized in the United Stated by 13 states and 85 cities as the Vietnamese Heritage and Freedom Flag.
So explained, the Vietnamese Community of Oregon unanimously proclaims that the yellow flag is the only emblem of the Vietnamese Community of Oregon and we protest any display of the communist Red flag at public organizations, schools or agencies which we consider a challenging sign against the whole community.

The Proclamations of Yellow Flag with 3 Red Stripes

  • State of Oregon – Office of The Govenor (2007)

  • City of Portland

  • City of Beaverton – Office of The Mayor

Letter from VNCO president – Mr. De Tran