As political refugees in the United States of America seeking freedom and preservation of our Vietnamese cultural heritage, the Vietnamese Community of Oregon (VNCO) unites and supports the voice of All Vietnamese in Oregon. Acting as a forum for activities, VNCO will encourage, develop, support and maintain activities enabling the Vietnamese in Oregon to thrive and be contributing citizens.

1.   Benefits of the Work – All works are done for the benefits of the community.

2.   Unity – To unite and support all the associations, organizations and religions of the Vietnamese Community, which have good purposes.

3.   Vietnamese Culture – To preserve and develop the beautiful traditions of Vietnamese culture. To organize or support the associations about the activities of traditional culture.

4.  Youth – To support, encourage, unite and create opportunities for the youth to be successful in social domain. To promote and encourage the youth learn the Vietnamese history.

5.  Diplomacy – To consolidate the privilege of diplomatic relation with the American government agencies. To struggle for the reasonable rights for the Vietnamese community, especially for the elderly people and the poor families. To associate to the other organizations of ethnics who have the similar point of view and goals.

6.  Media – To coordinate with the media for the community’sinformation to be broadcast and disclosed on time and effectively. To update all information through the fastest ways such as radio, television, newspapers, internet and email.

7.  Point of View of Defeating Communism – To keep up the point ofview of the Vietnamese Refugee neither to yield to, nor to conciliate and cooperate with the communist, and to fight the communist by all means instead.

8.  Prestige – To be always humble, listen, respectful, use good judgment and be impartial in all kinds of work.

Portland,Oregon USA

August 3rd, 2010